Take your community on a journey this Lent with our Stations of the Cross Coloring Posters.

This is the second year Illustrated Children's Ministry has created coloring posters for churches and communities during Lent. Since Advent of 2015, thousands of churches, retirement communities, schools, youth groups and campus ministries have used our coloring posters in their communities, with all generations, in very creative ways. 

You can see a few photos from our 2016 Advent Coloring Posters below.

Our eight coloring posters will take you on a journey following the footsteps of Christ, and will immerse your community in the biblical account of the last hours and days of Jesus' life.

These posters were created with children in mind - however, it is our experience that communities that use our coloring posters inevitably have the most meaningful experiences when children, youth, parents and older adults gather intergenerationally to create art together.

About the Illustrations

If you do a Google search for "Stations of the Cross Coloring Sheets" - we think you'll see why we felt there was a need to reinvision the stations in a way that could be accessible to children (and "children at heart"). The majority of the illustrations look quite dated, all look the same, or look like kitschy cartoons. Our Stations of the Cross Coloring Posters are designed and illustrated by artist and pastor Adam Walker Cleaveland, and can be seen below:

To help give you a sense of what some of these posters could look like when they are completed, here are a few of the posters colored:

Scriptural Form of the Stations of the Cross

Given that the Illustrated Children’s Ministry community comes from over 25 different denominations, some of whom may not be familiar with the Stations of the Cross, we decided to go with the scriptural form of the Stations of the Cross, which Pope John Paul II introduced on Good Friday in 1991. 

Some of the stations are listed to the right, along with their accompanying scriptural reference. We are also including a 15th Station which celebrates "The Resurrection of Jesus."

Station 1: Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane (Matthew 26:36-41)

Station 2: Jesus, Betrayed by Judas, is Arrested (Mark 14:43-46)

Station 3: Jesus is Condemned by the Sanhedrin (Luke 22:66-71)

Station 4: Jesus is Denied by Peter (Matthew 26:69-75)

Station 5: Jesus is Judged by Pilate (Mark 15:1-5, 15)

To see a complete list of our 15 Stations of the Cross, please click here.

Pricing & Information about Ordering

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However, we will continue to sell the digital files, along with instructions for how to get them printed at the 3' x 2' size. We have a large international community, especially from Canada, New Zealand, England, Ireland and Australia, and we have found that our international customers have had success ordering the digital files from us and having them printed locally. 

We also have 8.5x11 Coloring Sheets available (order here) - they include our original illustrations from our posters, but also include a version with a more simplified design for the youngest colorers.

Additionally, we've created a Devotional Guide for both children AND adults that provides reflections and discussion questions for each of the 15 stations. You can get more details here

How you might use the posters...

Children’s Ministry: There are many ways to incorporate the posters into your Sunday morning programs for children (whether that’s during Sunday School or another time).

Worship: Dedicate a portion of your worship space to allow young people (and those who are young at heart) to color during worship. This is a great way to allow children to engage with worship in a fun and creative way

Youth Ministry: Children aren’t the only ones who like to color. We’ve had hundreds of youth programs around the world use our coloring posters.

College/Campus Ministries: We’ve also had many campus ministries use our coloring posters and this would be a fun opportunity for a campus ministry to do during Lent.

Intergenerational Ministry: Whether you have the posters out on tables for people who are waiting to eat at a Lenten Supper or you create an entire program around the Stations of the Cross for an intergenerational group, you’ll be amazed at the conversations had while multiple generations get together and color.

Private/Parochial Schools: Some private Christian schools have purchased our posters and found ways to engage multiple classrooms in creating a collaborative art project. Many schools could use these Stations of the Cross coloring posters to create unique and interactive educational opportunities by creating art together.

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Churches from around the world, and from more than 25 denominations (many of which are listed below) have used Illustrated Children's Ministry's resources and products with their congregations. 

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