Nativity Stickers – Nativity Scene Sticker Sheets

Here are the Nativity Sticker Sheets you've been looking for!

"I'm so tired of buying the same old cheap sticker sheets with white Biblical characters and cheesy illustrations every year." -Every Children's Ministry Leader ever

  • Unique, hand-drawn, authentic, and diverse illustrated stickers
  • Biblical characters that LOOK like they actually lived in the Middle East - no more WHITE BABY JESUS
  • High-quality white vinyl with a special clear coat added for extra protection
  • Stickers made in the USA
  • Each set includes 25 sticker sheets
  • Each sticker sheet has 19 stickers (as shown here)
  • Prices start at $25/set with bulk pricing available

When you order our Illustrated Nativity Sticker Sheets, you’ll also get a DIGITAL illustration of the stable that you can use in any number of ways. 

Print it out at home to use, or print it in your bulletin for Christmas Eve so kids can put the stickers from the sticker sheet directly into the bulletin! We wanted to make this product as versatile as possible.

⚡ WE'RE SOLD OUT ⚡ We sold out in 9 days. Next year we will plan on doing pre-orders and probably ordering more than 1,200 sets. If you'd like to be notified when we have more sticker sheets in stock next year, click below to be added to our list.