An Illustrated Lent for Families

An Illustrated Lent for Families: Reflections on Prayer is the Lenten devotional for families you've been looking for! Simple weekly devotionals, coloring, family activities, and more!


THE RT. REV. JENNIFER BASKERVILLE-BURROWS Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis

"Illustrated Children’s Ministry (ICM) is making faith formation fun, beautiful and creative. It is wonderful to reclaim time for being artistic which frees the mind to be open to the Creator. Coloring and pondering are natural tendencies...and ICM uses those opportunities to enter what could be intimidating conversation and reflection spaces. But those spaces become accessible because our hands are busy creating (co-creating) something beautiful."

"An Illustrated Lent for Families is a comprehensive and engaging family devotional resource. It is an easy item to pull out during Lent, gather around the table, and have meaningful conversation. All the work is done for you, so there's no excuse NOT to do it. I have four kids between the ages of 4 and 10, and the conversations we've had with each child has been far beyond what I thought they were capable of, with lots of depth, understanding, questions, and takeaways!"

SARA DYSON Children & Family Minister Abiding Presence Lutheran Church

Illustrated Lent for Families Sample

Focus on Prayer

An Illustrated Lent for Families invites families to focus intentionally on the spiritual discipline of prayer during the Lenten season. By exploring different Gospel passages of Jesus engaged in prayer, families will be encouraged to learn new ways to expand and enrich their experiences of prayer, individually, as a family, and in community.

Many Possible Uses

This is also a fantastic resource for churches to buy as a resource to give to their families or to use in an all-ages small group/Bible study setting. We have over 60 denominations who use our materials so we're confident that our materials work in a variety of different theological settings and contexts.

"If you're looking for a different way to engage the story of Lent, An Illustrated Lent for Families is an ideal option. With short, approachable devotions and beautiful coloring/activity pages, families will find this resource to be an easy way to do something together during Lent. I would highly recommend this Lenten devotional."

REV. ADAM BUTLER Associate Pastor Paynesville Lutheran Church

SARAH-DIANNE JONES Director of Children's and Youth Ministries First Presbyterian Church Arlington

"An Illustrated Lent for Families offers families the chance to make Lent tangible for all ages. Instead of learning something at church and not thinking about it again all week, children and parents experience different ways of worshipping at home, giving life to the lessons learned on Sunday morning. There are few, if any, resources like this!"

7 Weekly Devotionals

The seven devotionals focus on Gospel passages where Jesus is engaged in prayer. Each devotional includes a brief reflection, discussion questions, an activity, and a prayer for each week.

Activity Pages: These activity pages help give families and participants concrete things to do to practice prayer during Lent.

Coloring Pages: There are seven coloring pages that tie in with both the weekly scripture and activity.

Devotional Themes

Week 1: Jesus Prayer Alone Scripture: Mark 1:35  

Week 2: Jesus Prayed During Special Times Scripture: Luke 3:21-22  

Week 3: Jesus Prayed When He Needed Help Scripture: Luke 6:12-13  

Week 4: Jesus Prayed with a Thankful Heart Scripture: Matthew 14:19-21  

Week 5: Jesus Taught Others to Pray Scripture: Luke 11:1-4  

Week 6: Jesus Prayed in Community Scripture: Luke 19:37-38  

Week 7: Christ is Risen! Peace Be With You! Scripture: John 20:18-22

"An Illustrated Lent for Families is a meaningful and do-able Lenten resource for families to use to enrich their experience. The devotionals are simple, easy to follow, cultivate conversation, and guide families to respond with action. The theology is grounded in an understanding that God is loving and wants us to be in a relationship with God and each other. Families will find it simple to add this meaningful spiritual practice."

BRITTANY PORCH Director of Mission and Education Broad Street Presbyterian Church (Columbus)

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