Advent Journey Coloring Posters

You Will Create Community

Since 2015, over three thousand churches, schools, hospitals, retirement communities, nursing homes, campus ministries and other communities from all around the world, have found creative and engaging ways to use our large coloring posters.

This Advent, join thousands of people from around the world, as you journey your way through Advent together, as a global community. Let art and creativity be your guide as you color your way through the Advent season of preparation and waiting. 

"We placed the posters each week on a large table in the center of our Fellowship Hall with colored pencils and invited people of all ages to participate in coloring the posters. We took one of the posters to our Youth Lock-In, and they joyfully colored it – and loved it! The posters were a great teaching tool. Looking at and explaining the different parts of scripture that each panel represented was a wonderful way to educate during Advent because the illustrations showed the depth of the story.

"On the morning that we adorned the Nave and Sanctuary for Christmas, we put the posters together up on the east wall, and they were beautiful! They represented the beauty of community, which is what Jesus calls us to be. Thank you so much for these beautiful and thoughtful illustrations."

-Teresa Ryther, Christian Formation Coordinator, Good Shepherd Episcopal Church

You Will Journey Together 

This Advent, we want to provide you with the necessary resources so you can walk your community through a journey. This journey begins as we work our way through some Advent scripture passages, followed by Christmas, and finally as we eventually move into Epiphany. 

Our six coloring posters will guide you through these different parts of the church year by utilizing art, coloring and interactive reflection. Below you can see each of the six illustrations and you will also find a brief description of the posters.


We begin our Advent Journey with the reminder (and exhortation) to “Keep awake – Keep alert!” Our God is a God who constantly looks for ways to surprise us and catch us off guard. The Holy finds its way through cracks, and if we are awake and alert, we have a better chance of seeing God show up in all of the large, and small, ways that God makes Godself known to us.  

Here in this poster, we have a group of people looking to the heavens and keeping watch and staying alert (inspired by Isaiah 64:1, “O that you would tear open the heavens and come down…”).

Scripture found in poster: Mark 13:24-37 Poster size: 3'x2' 


When we think of John the Baptist, we may imagine that no one could miss him because he was so eccentric. But he was also out in the wilderness, and while people came to him to be baptized, there were probably many others who weren’t paying enough attention to know about him.

John’s message to the people of his day, and to us, is to “Prepare!” And that is what we do during Advent – we are preparing ourselves, our families, our communities, for the birth of love into this world.  

Here in this poster, we have John the Baptist, out in the wilderness by the River Jordan, ready to baptize those who would make the journey to be baptized.  

Scripture found in poster: Psalm 85:1-11, Mark 1:1-8 and 2 Peter 3:9 Poster size: 3'x2'  


“Do not be afraid” is a common refrain used throughout biblical stories and one that we need to hear over and over again. In our world today, and in a world that we fear and imagine is possible in the future, we need to be reminded not to be afraid.  

Here in this poster, we have the angel Gabriel coming to bring this important message to Mary, as Mary’s life changes forever with the news of the child that will be born, Jesus.

Scripture found in poster: Luke 1:26-38 and Psalm 89:1 Poster size: 3'x2'  


If we accept the angel’s invitation to “Not be afraid” – this can often put us in a posture to be more receptive to what God might have for us. We see this in Mary’s response both to the angel’s exhortation to not fear and the news that she would bear a son and name him Jesus.

Mary’s response is “My soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior.” This is not the response from someone who is living in fear.

Here in this poster, we have Mary responding to the angel Gabriel’s news for her. We can see a look of contentment on her face as she ponders all of these amazing words.  

Scripture found in poster: Isaiah 61:10 and Luke 1:46b-55 Poster size: 3'x2'  

We placed our Advent Coloring Posters in the children’s area at the back of the church, and during the service children and their families coloured them. Also, others in our community colored during coffee after the service, and it helped to make bonds between the different generations.

-Sarah Jones, Sunday Club Volunteer, St. Mary’s Church, Gomersal, England

We started colouring the posters during our Advent Event and then had them out each week during Advent. After worship, people gathered around them during fellowship and coloured. We also took them to the school, so it became a community collaboration to decorate the church for Christmas.

-Nicole Hall, Child Youth & Household Ministry Coordinator, St. Paul Lutheran Church – Blair Athol, Australia


From the decree of Emperor Augustus to Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem, to the birth of Jesus, shepherds, angels and more, our fifth poster walks people through the Christmas story. Surrounding the illustrated story, we find scripture references that tell different portions of the biblical prophecies and promises of the Christmas story.  

Scripture found in poster: Isaiah 9:2,6, Luke 2, Titus 2:11, and John 1:14 Poster size: 6'x2' (digital version includes both a 6'x2' file and the illustration split up into two 3'x2' files). If you are looking for a smaller coloring project, we are also going to be making Poster 5 available to purchase by itself, as a digital download.


As we move from Advent and Christmas into Epiphany and a new year, this final poster will give your community the chance to do some reflecting on the themes of Advent in their own lives and what it means for them moving forward into 2018.  

As you can see below, this poster’s primary purpose is to serve as a tool to prompt ideas, prayers, conversations, and hopes for the upcoming new year.  

Participants will be encouraged to write or draw their responses to the following four questions:  

  • Keep Awake: What are you watching for?
  • Prepare: What are you preparing for?
  • Do Not Be Afraid: What do you need to stop fearing?
  • My Soul Magnifies the Lord: What are you praising God for?

Poster size: 6'x2' (digital version includes both a 6'x2' file and the illustration split up into two 3'x2' files)  

Many Ways to Use our Posters 

We are so excited to see all of the creative ways that congregations and communities use these Advent Journey Coloring Posters. Over 1,000 churches used last year’s posters, and we loved seeing all of the amazing photos they shared with us.  

We’ve learned that most churches find the posters to be perfect for developing intergenerational ministry. If you’re looking for ways to use these posters intergenerationally, here are a few ideas:

All Ages Education

Gather both young and old together for an intergenerational education hour. Use our devotional guide (purchased separately) and enjoy coloring and conversation.

Advent Fairs

Many churches have Advent Fairs and other all-church ways of celebrating the beginning of Advent. Lay out the Advent Journey Coloring Posters and invite all to color.

Nursing Homes

Have your children’s/youth ministry take a poster to a nursing home to color with the residents. Or leave some with the residents and pick them up to share with your church.

Soup/Salad Event

Your church could host a simple soup/salad/sandwiches dinner on Wednesday nights during Advent and have conversation and coloring before or after eating together.

Coffee Hour

Leave the coloring posters out on tables during Coffee Hour/Fellowship Hour after church for people of all ages to sit, color, and talk with one another.

Coloring in Worship

Dedicate a portion of your worship space to allow young people (and the young at heart) to color during worship. A great way for children to engage with worship in a new way.

Need to talk with your colleagues or a committee about this? Print out our handy informational PDF and take it to your next meeting, or just email it to them so they can get all of the helpful information.

How else can we use the posters?

Children’s Ministry: Find ways to incorporate the posters into your Sunday morning programs for children (whether that’s during Sunday School or during another time).  

Youth Ministry: Children aren’t the only ones who like to color. We’ve had hundreds of youth programs around the world use our coloring posters. Give your kids a ‘study break’ some week when it’s close to finals and allow them to color one of the posters.  

College/campus ministries: We’ve also had many campus ministries use our coloring posters. And we’ve seen photos of our posters in some faculty lounges at colleges where professors have worked on a poster together!  

Private/Parochial Schools: Some private Christian schools have purchased our posters and found ways to engage multiple classrooms in creating a collaborative art project.

Poster Details & Cost

Our Advent Journey Coloring Posters are made up of 6 large posters. The first four are 3’ x 2’, and the remaining two are 6’ x 2’. You can purchase the physical posters, digital files to print yourself, or grab the bundle of both for the most options.

Additional details, including the cost for our Advent Journey Coloring Posters, are listed below.

Physical Posters ONLY


Bundle of Posters & Files


Digital Files ONLY


Part of what makes the posters so great is the paper they’re printed on. When you buy the physical posters from us, you will receive the illustrations on an amazingly high-quality paper.

We’ve gone through a few different types of paper with our coloring posters, and we are pleased with what we are currently using (we first used it with our Illustrated Compassion Coloring Posters last spring). This is a very thick and sturdy 32-pound paper – which is what we’ve used in the past. However, we learned that the coating on a previous paper we used made it a little difficult to color the poster with some marker sets.

We tested a variety of different papers last spring, and we found a paper that works amazingly well with colored pencils, crayons, AND markers, and since then, we haven’t received any comments about having problems with markers.

We provide digital versions of our posters so you can get them printed at a local printer of your choice, if that works better for you. However, the quality of paper you will get at Staples or FedEx (or other print shops), is not nearly as nice as the quality that we provide when we ship the posters to you. Don’t get us wrong – it’s certainly not bad (we shipped our first two sets of coloring posters after having them printed at Staples). But now that we have a relationship with a local, family-owned print shop in Chicago, they can provide us with a very high-quality paper that will stand up to all the little kids who may want to crawl around on the posters.

Add our Advent Journey Devotional to your Purchase

Also available for purchase is our Advent Journey Devotional Guide.

Following a similar format as our Stations of the Cross Devotional Guide, this serves as a resource that can accompany our Advent Journey Coloring Posters - or simply be used by itself (although you'd need to purchase our 8.5x11 Advent Journey Coloring Pages if you wanted to actually have some nice coloring pages to go along with the devotions).

The devotional guide includes reflections and discussion questions for BOTH children and adults, and is a great tool to use along with our coloring posters.

Ordering Process

UPS ships our posters in heavy-weight cardboard poster tubes. Because we use UPS, we cannot ship posters to P.O. Boxes. If you list a P.O. Box as the shipping address, your order will be delayed until we can figure out a different address.

International Shipping: We have great news about international shipping. We can now ship our coloring posters to Canada! We are going to test the process out with our Canadian friends to see how things go, and then we may look into additional countries to ship to.  

Like always, all of our international customers can purchase the digital version of the posters and get them printed locally.

Not quite ready to buy?

If you just need some additional information to help you make your decision, you can download our informational PDF below.